First established on the year 2003 at Kapasari - Surabaya, Beauty Kasatama was then a small home industry producing multi purpose masks that was targeted to lower class society that spent the daily activity trapped in the polluted traffic that can harm their health.
With a desire to improve the public health, Beauty Kasatama produces economic yet sustainable products that has impact to its' user.

We distinguishes our company with professionalism, and commitment to not just focusing on seeking profits, instead we are desired to improve the society as our long-term plan.

Slowly but sure, the company's passion to bring out the best product for health conscious customers is recognized by the society and therefore the company has grown its' size and capacity. At year 2009, Beauty Kasatama has expanded and succeed to establish a second production warehouse to cover around one third of the nation's domestic request for health - medical, and hygiene related products made from non woven.

We are now one of the market leader in our country Indonesia, and we have worked with business partners internationally to distribute our product and did not rule out the possibility for a custom developed products, made just for a specific request.

We are now aiming to build larger network of business that spread internationally. We are optimist with our chances and we are confident that with consistently producing great product quality, it will bring our brand awareness by itself.


Factory (Front)
Front Office
Ruang Direksi
Ruang Kerja (Office)
Ruang Meeting


Bring Value to Society.

Efficient & Effective
Able to provide products at the best prices for customers,create good and decent jobs for many people, as well as good cooperative relationships with suppliers and customers.

Indonesian excels
Able to compete in the Era of Globalization and make the name "Product Made In Indonesia" good at national and international level.

Not Just Work
Work is also worship and is benefit for customers(affordable prices), for fellow workers (productive and prosperous workers), for suppliers and co-workers (good and healthy coorporation).


From left to right:
Tan Roy Tanusudiro - Commissioner, Rosellie Tjandra - Commissioner, Hady Bandono Nitiutomo - President Director, Audi Pascalis Umboh - Director

Beauty Kasatama’s competitive power lies in our commitment to be the best
to respond and exceed the international standard of quality perfection.

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